Sun Saturn Connection – Gives You Medical Knowledge

Sun Saturn Connection - Gives you Medical Knowledge

The Sun-Saturn connection in a horoscope can be indicative of an inclination towards medical science for the native. This observation arose during my research for the Medical Astrology course.

It’s important to clarify that possessing knowledge in this context doesn’t necessarily imply a comprehensive understanding obtained through academic study in medical science. While there are specific yogas denoting educational pursuits in the medical field, the Sun-Saturn connection suggests a certain familiarity or interest in medical science for the individual.

In today’s discussion, we’ll explore the technique of identifying this connection in a chart and its supportive role in imparting some level of medical knowledge or fostering an interest in the field.

Let’s analyze this phenomenon by examining charts together.

Example 1

In this particular chart, Saturn holds an exalted position in the 7th house, conjoining the lagna lord. Simultaneously, the Sun resides in the 9th house alongside Jupiter and Mercury. Saturn is making a connection with the Sun because Saturn is aspecing Sun in this chart. Notably, the individual associated with this chart is a pharmacist, possessing a substantial understanding of medicine and medical practices.

This correlation aligns with our observation of the Sun-Saturn connection potentially indicating a leaning towards medical knowledge or involvement in the medical field.

Example 2

In the horoscope of a participant from our Medical Astrology course, a female with a keen interest and knowledge in medical science, we observe the Sun positioned in the 3rd house alongside Mercury. The Sun, serving as the lagna lord, receives the aspect of Saturn situated in Capricorn within the 6th house. Sun is lagna lord and aspected by Saturn who is in Capricorn situated in 6th house.

Notably, this Saturn is accompanied by a debilitated Jupiter, forming a Neech Bhang Raj Yoga in the chart. The individual’s inclination and engagement with medical science align with the potential influence suggested by the Sun-Saturn connection in this configuration.

Example 3

In the chart provided by another participant of our courses, the individual is a homeopathy doctor, and we observe significant planetary positions contributing to their knowledge in medical science.

Venus, serving as the lagna lord, is positioned in the 8th house. The exalted Sun resides in the 7th house, accompanied by retrograde Mercury and Jupiter. The influence of Saturn, aspecting the Sun from the 5th house, further suggests a connection to the field of medical science for this individual.

Example 4

This chart pertains to an allopathy doctor. Notably, there is an aspect of Saturn on the exalted Sun, which is in conjunction with Ketu. Saturn occupies its own sign and receives an aspect from Mars which is, albeit in a debilitated state.

These planetary configurations in the chart are indicative of the individual’s involvement in allopathic medicine.

Example 5

In Example 5, we will consider Navamsha also.

This chart was provided by one of our YouTube subscribers, stating, “My Sun is in Aquarius in Shatbhisha in D1, and Saturn Sun conjunction is in Capricorn D9. I am a Dentist.” This indicates that the individual has acquired medical knowledge and applied it to his profession.

In this chart, the Sun is in the 3rd house of skills, and there is an exchange between the 10th lord (house of profession) and the 3rd lord. This exchange between 3rd house and 11th house suggests that the person will utilize their skills in their profession.

The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury, the dispositor of Saturn, and both are placed in the sign of Saturn. Additionally, this combination receives aspects from Jupiter (Lagna Lord) and Mars (5th Lord). Mars and Saturn are both indicators of teeth, while Jupiter is a general indicator of well-being or recovery.

Now, let’s examine the Navamsha chart provided below.

This Navamsha chart shows vargottam lagna. You can say Lagna sign of Rashi Chart and the Navamsha chart is same. Here, Saturn and Sun is conjunct in 2nd house and the sign of Capricorn, again aspected by Jupiter and Mars.


If you wish to share your insights about the provided astrological technique, please feel free to write in the comment box. For further inquiries, you can email us at

While evaluating this technique, it’s essential to consider that if it doesn’t seem effective in a chart, it could be influenced by counter yogas or the absence of the appropriate dasha sequence.

If you have a keen interest in medical knowledge, you are welcome to join our Medical Astrology Course.

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8 thoughts on “Sun Saturn Connection – Gives You Medical Knowledge”

  1. Sun Saturn combination shows inclination for medical field. It’s definitely coming from their past life. One of the native with Sun Saturn asp mentioned it showed in their Naadi reading too that He was a Dr in his past life. Absolutely true Sir. Thanks for sharing. 🙏

  2. Shailesh Saxena

    Thank you for another enlightening article. I also have Sun and Sat conjunction in 12 house in Libra. I had a strong desire to take up medical profession. Even though I couldn’t take up this profession I developed knowledge of homoeopathy and practiced for a few years.

  3. I haven’t done any medical course but I have knowledge about medicine more than any other non medic people , I even ordered medicine for friends, family members and guides others how to buy proper medicine. Sun in Anuradha and aspected by Saturn .

  4. My husband has Saturn’s 7th aspect on sun, situated in the 3Rd house in Gemini,he has been very good knowledge of medicine.

    1. Hello sir, I am scorpio lagna, My saturn is in 5th H, aspecting Sun+Mer placed in 7th House. I have not studied medical sciences, but remedies suggested by me, including home remedies work well to heal, including g my ownself. I always feel I should have been a doctor , But I could never kill or even see or touch a dead ant even.

  5. Respected Neeraj Sir. I have Saturn,’s 10th aspect on Sun(AK) and I am chest specialist with a curious student of this divine science since school days.
    Dr Yugal Tak

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