Prashna Kundali for A Cancer Patient

Prashna Kundali for A Cancer Patient

Let’s come together to analyze one Prashna Kundali for a cancer patient who was in the ICU for the observation of doctors. This was a very critical time for the patient.

In this article, we will see how Prashna Kundali can give you perfect answer for the query. This is the perfect tool if you don’t have a birth chart or the birth details of the native. Even sometime Prashna Kundali which is called horary kundali also, is very accurate for Timing of the Events.

So, the query was asked by a seeker about his father who was a cancer patient.

Details of Prashna Kundali for A Cancer Patient

Question: Father was operated on last night for cancer, and now he is in ICU, the doctor kept him in observation and said – “72 hours are very critical because his stomach fully got damaged”. Will he survive or not?

Answer: Don’t worry, Medicine and treatment will work and he will be completely ok. He will come out from ICU between 3rd to 5th of November.

Result: Questioner’s father came out from ICU on 3rd November 2023 at 11 am. He was out of danger.

Now let’s have a look on the prashna kundali for a cancer patient. I am posting here the chart and all details of prashna kundali is in chart itself.

Chart and Analysis of Prashna Kundali for A Cancer Patient

Prashna Kundali for A Cancer Patient

In the scriptures of Prashna Astrology, this type of query is taken as Rog Prashna. So, there are some specific rules for Rog Prashna.

Rules are: 1st house of Prashna Kundali will be taken for the Doctor, 4th house will be taken for Medicine, 7th and 6th house will be taken for the disease and 10th house is for Patient.

In this chart you can put your attention on the lagna first and see, there is Scorpio that is showing energy of 8th house of Kaal Purush Kundali. This is sirshodaya sign and also a fix sign which shows- the patient will not die, and the result of the query will come very soon.

Lagna lord Mars is in 12th house which is house of hospitalization. Mars is with the Sun and Mercury along with Ketu. Here, exchange of Rashi between the 10th lord and 12th lord shows that native is in hospital for operation. Mars along with Ketu shows energy of operation.

This combination of Mars, Sun, Mercury and Ketu is aspected be retro Jupiter from 6th house. Jupiter is with Moon which is 9th lord.

Now check the house of medicine which is 4th house. Here, Saturn is situated in own sign and aspecting the Lagna and the lord of the 12th house along with the 10th house and 6th house. That meant treatment is in under control of the medicine.

Here, Venus is also the lord of the house of disease which is 7th house. Saturn is the main planet here which can destroy the life or can give donation of the life to the patient and this is in Scorpio navamsha. So all the energy makes the circuit perfect, but there is lots of energy of Saturn which is showing longevity with so much pain and struggle.

Now as I always say Tajika Shastra is the Brahmastra of astrology. If you see Moon is 9th lord of blessings sitting in 6th house and making Itthashala yoga with Saturn. This yoga is not the Shighra Ithhashala but this yoga ensures that the patient will come out of ICU and will be out of danger.

One can ask me what is the Ithhashala yoga and other terms which I have used? So, answer of this question is, I can’t write the complete technicality of the prashna kundali but I have given much idea about the Rog Prashna or the query regarding life or death.

To get more knowledge about Tajika Prashna or Prashna kundali you refer to our Tajik Prashna course.

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