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Neeraj Verma ji stands as a luminary figure in the realm of astrology, revered for his approachable teaching style and adept knack for unraveling intricate astrological concepts. His unique spiritual perspective adds a profound depth to the tapestry of astrology. Neeraj sees life as a vibrant playground where celestial bodies influence every player, determining their triumphs and setbacks.

In Neeraj’s teachings, the notion that our present life is a mosaic crafted by past actions resonates deeply. This paradigm shift in perspective reframes one’s outlook toward life itself. By interweaving the tenets of karma and the results of past life karma with astrology, Neeraj Verma ji not only illuminates the intricacies of horoscopes for his students but also serves as a guiding beacon, ushering light into their journeys.

For those eager to delve into the enigmatic world of astrology and seek an exceptional mentor, Neeraj Verma ji emerges as both an exemplary teacher and spiritual mentor. His classes aren’t just about deciphering complex astrological formulas; they offer a nurturing environment enriched with real-life examples, making the intricacies of astrology more tangible and relatable.

If your quest involves understanding astrology intricacies while embarking on a journey toward spiritual enlightenment, Neeraj Verma’s guidance transcends mere education—it’s a transformative experience for astrology students.

Journey of Neeraj Verma

Being a renowned astrologer, Neeraj Verma ji has contributed to the Jyotish community not just his many years of research,  but also his invaluable knowledge. Both as a student as well as a teacher of Vedic Astrology, Neeraj Verma ji has tirelessly worked towards giving the world a comprehensive understanding of the cosmic language.

Over the years, he has established himself as one of the top astrology teachers in India, enabling his students to correctly predict astrological events using umpteen techniques.

For a transformative period spanning four years, he wielded the mantle of astrology teacher at the esteemed Saptarishis Astrology Institute. Post his unmatched innings at Saptarishis Astrology, he set off to establish his solo venture Shatabhisha Astrology in the nascent days of 2023 with an unshakable resolve.  Shatabhisha Astrology is his true gift to astrology – a haven dedicated to illuminating the celestial secrets embedded within astrology’s sacred science.

If your quest involves understanding astrology intricacies while embarking on a journey toward spiritual enlightenment, Neeraj Verma’s guidance transcends mere education—it’s a transformative experience for astrology students.

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Shatabhisha Astrology combines the ancient wisdom of astrology with absolute ease of learning and a research-focused learning methodology.

The foundation of Shatabhisha Astrology is laid down by Neeraj Verma, a renowned name in the world of jyotisha learners, researchers, and teachers. Neeraj ji imparts a unique spiritual perspective to the scientific play of space and time in astrology. In his words: “The birth chart is a mosaic crafted from our deeds of the past. It shows what circumstances we are born with. However, our actions and karmas to deal with these set patterns is our free will.”

Decoding classical sutras and testing them on birth charts, and digging deep into why these sutras aptly work is his signature style. His passion and commitment towards diving deep into the celestial studies made by the rishis is what led him to launch his own vedic astrology learning platform.

Why Join Shatabhisha Astrology

At Shatabhisha Astrology, we believe in developing a strong base in astrology for our students, which requires a methodological course of action. Neeraj Verma Ji’s classes aren’t just about deciphering complex astrological formulas as theory is enriched with real-life examples and ample interactive practice sessions, which makes it easy for students to ingest the intricacies of astrology.

Students can start their journey right from the ABC of Vedic astrology and venture into the advanced realms later. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, our courses cater to all levels, providing a rich learning experience.

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What We Offer Offer

There’s an array of astrology courses offered at Shatabhisha Astrology that you can explore and learn, no matter where you are at present, in your astrology journey. Whether you are keen on learning prashna astrology, tajik varshphal, transits, or want to dive deeper into medical astrology or marriage and child-birth astrology, we have it all listed for you under one platform.

If you have a thirst for knowing celestial stories and science, Shatabhisha Astrology is a promising learning platform for you. Embark on the journey of birth chart reading, accurate event prediction, and decoding various astrological combinations with us.

At Shatabhisha Astrology, Neeraj Verma’s guidance transcends mere education—it’s a transformative experience for astrology students. For a bright future in the field of astrology predictions and consulting, join us today.

Exclusive Courses

Exclusive Courses

Our exclusive astrology courses with refined and rich content are tailored to match your level of expertise in your jyotish journey.

Exclusive Courses

Individual Care

Live classes, interactive practice sessions and watsap connectivity ensure that you can clear doubts and learn accurately, without feeling hung up on complex concepts.

Exclusive Courses

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Make detailed notes in your own free time with recordings. Pay complete attention in live interactive classes without the rush to jot down important points.

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