A Case Study of Profession Prashna – Based on Tajik Shastra

A Case Study Profession Prashna – Based on Tajik Shastra

What I say always, Tajik Prashna is a Brahmastra of horary astrology and today we will discuss an analysis of A Case of Study Profession Prashna – Based on Tajik Shastra

This article is about Prashna Kundali. I will share a chart below with details when one mother asked a query regarding her son who lost his job and urgently needed another job otherwise his visa could have been canceled.

Mother asked: My son works in Germany; he lost his job now he is finding another job will he be able to find another job? If yes then when? If he will not get a new job his visa will be cancelled.

Answer given by looking at Prashna Kundali: Your son will get the job very soon. He will find a new job maximum in the next two days.

Prashna Kundali

A Case Study Profession Prashna – Based on Tajik Shastra

Let’s come together to analyze this Case Study Profession Prashna – Based on Tajik Shastra

Whenever you cast a prashna chart first you have to verify the intensity of the query. If the intensity is not high then you should not answer the query because maybe the seeker just asking you and doesn’t want to get an answer intensely.

When you have a look into Moon’s placement and other parameters you can verify it. Moon is in the 2nd house in sign of Venus and Venus is with Saturn which is the 10th lord of Job. Mars is Lagna lord and aspecting 6th lord.

For Profession Prashna you should have a first look at lagna. Here, Lagna is a movable sign with the influence of Rahu and Ketu showing that the situation is either not good or the person is confused or in conflict. In these types of queries, generally, movable signs show the person will not get a job now but here two factors are important to support the situation.

The 1st factor is Saturn is in a fixed sign and aspecting the lagna. Saturn is a planet of stability and the energy of Saturn is fix kind of energy. 2nd factor is, Mars which is lagna lord is in Taurus with is fixed sign, and also in Taurus Navamsha which is fixed Navamsha.

Have a look at 10th house also. Here, Sun is digbali in 10th house showing positive influence. 10th lord is in 11th house of fulfilment of desire showing desire will be fulfilled.

Now if in this chart Tajik yoga will be from between-

(a)    Lagna Lord Mars and 10th lord or planet of 10th house.

(b)   Moon which also acts like lagna lord and has the power to give event and 10th lord or planet of 10th house.

There is ithasala yoga in this chart between the Moon and the Sun. Moon is 16°52’ and Sun is 16°55’. This is sheeghra ithasala which shows the person will get a job very soon.

This person got the job the very next day. And his mother confirmed that he got a new job.

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