Wisdom of Transit in Astrology

Wisdom of Transit in Astrology (Timing of Events)

A Comprehensive Course on Transit Astrology

Course Duration: 4 Months Approx
Course Timing: 28th April 2024 (Every Sunday 8 PM)
Language: Hindi
Course Validity: One Year

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₹ : 15300/- (EMI also)

Course Description

Transit is a unique key in Vedic Astrology for timing events in the birth chart. The inherent pledges enshrined within a horoscope resemble a dormant treasure awaiting discovery. Much like a dormant asset encased in ice, these promises lie in wait, dormant until activated by the agency of Dashas and bestowed upon us through the transformative power of planetary Transits. Transit is the technical term where you consider the movement of planets in your birth chart. It ultimately helps an astrologer with birth chart interpretations and time events like Marriage, Profession, Progeney, Foreign Travel, Religious Travel, etc.

In this Transit Astrology Course, Neeraj Verma ji will teach you the complete technicality of the different Secrets of Transit. He will start with an introduction and go through the advanced techniques of the Transit. In this course, you will get an in-depth understanding of Transit Astrology and you will be able to apply the transit rules on various birth charts to correctly time events.

In This Course, You Will Get An Additional Free Lecture on Daily Predictions Techniques

Course Content:

1. Introduction
2. Importance of Transit
3. Classical Text on Transit
4. How to apply Transit
5. Effect of Planets in Transit
6. Basic Transit Techniques
7. The Counter Transit in Astrology
8. Veepreet Vedha in Transit
9. Transit Moorthy
10. 64th Navamsha & 22nd Dreshkan (22nd Drekkana)
11. Timing of Event Through Transit (Marriage, Progeny, Profession, Travel, etc.)
12. Transit and Dasha
13. Transit Results From Natal Planets
14. Bhrigu Bindu
15. Sensitive Points in Transit Astrology
16. Good and Bad Phases of Life
17. Secrets of Nadi Transit
18. Introduction of Ashtakavarga
19. Transit Rules for Ashtakvarga
20. Observational Secrets of Neeraj Verma on Transit
21. Sarvatobhadra Chakra Overview
22. Live Chart Analysis

This course will start on 28th April 2024.

“As always, the course content extends beyond what’s mentioned above because Neeraj Verma ji aims to deliver beyond expectations.”

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