Unravel Your Pending Karma Through Astrology

Pending Karma

Pending Karma refers to the concept of karma that embodies the law of cause and effect, where an individual’s actions shape their future experiences. It can be understood as a continuous thread from a person’s past lives, compelling them to endure the energy they themselves generated in previous births.

In astrology, karma holds profound significance as it aids individuals in understanding the influences of their past lives and the lessons they need to learn in their current lifetime. It also indicates whom they need to repay and by which karma they are bound. This comprehensive article will explore how astrology can help unravel pending karma.

What is Pending Karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit term that means “action” or “deed.” It is energy based universal principle of cause and effect, which states that every action will have one or more than one consequence. In many traditions, this is a spiritual and philosophical view that karma is believed to govern the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. By understanding the concept of karma we can understand that our current life circumstances are the result of our past actions, and our future experiences will be shaped by our current actions. You can also say there is a cycle of the trinity “Past, Present, and Future”, which allows a soul to do a specific journey because every moment of the present life is the result of Past Karma or actions and our future will be the result of the karma of this moment.

Karma operates on several levels of the soul:

  • Physical Actions: These include our deeds and behaviors which are physically involved.
  • Verbal Actions: These encompass our words and communication with others.
  • Mental Actions: These involve our thoughts, intentions, and attitudes toward the world.

Key principles of karma :

  1. Cause and Effect is based on the energy that one has created in any life by doing your karma physically, verbally, or mentally.
  2. The native is morally responsible for the actions and its subsequent effects.
  3. The energy of karma has continuity that spans across lifetimes, meaning actions in past lives can influence our present circumstances.

Karma and Reincarnation

In different dharma or traditions that believe in reincarnation, karma plays an important role in determining the circumstances of future lives. This concept suggests that our actions in past births influence our current birth, and our actions in this birth will shape our future incarnations.

So, You can Say until the result of your karma is initiated that will called Pending Karma or Past Life Karma.

Astrology, particularly karmic astrology, provides insights into how past life actions impact our present life. By analyzing our natal chart, we can uncover karmic patterns, understand unresolved pending karma, and learn the lessons necessary for our spiritual or psychological growth.

Key Elements in the Natal Chart for Addressing Pending Karma

North Node (Rahu): The North Node Rahu indicates the direction for growth and the lessons to be learned in this lifetime for the Next lives. It is often in the opposite sign and house of Ketu, pushing natives out of their comfort zones. Rahu doesn’t know where to stop so Rahu pushes you to work on your ambitions in this life which are based on previous births. Actually, Rahu and Ketu are connected so you can’t talk about only one. When Rahu initiates the energy for pending karma it will be based on the energy of Ketu also. They can’t work without each other.

South Node (Ketu): The South Node Ketu represents past life experiences directly which include, your habits and unresolved issues. It shows what we have already mastered in previous births and the areas where we may feel comfortable but stagnant. For example, if someone’s South Node is in Aries, they might have been a warrior in a past life, and they may exhibit traits of aggression or independence in this life.

As I said the nodes can’t work separately, you can say Ketu shows your mastery and Rahu shows what you have to master in this life. So apart from many aspects of the Pending Karma of a life, Rahu and Ketu show one of the aspects which is the Pending Karma of a Past life.

Saturn: Saturn is known as the planet of karma and discipline. It is connected to your kriyamana karma or you can say karma of past life which initiates itself.

Its placement in the natal chart can indicate areas where one needs to work, learn important life lessons, and face challenges due to past actions.

This is for the whole life. For example, Saturn in the Seventh House (house of your spouse) may suggest karmic lessons and pending karma related to relationships and commitments. However, it is not simple to decode because these techniques have so many layers to decode and it differs on different charts.

In my future articles, I will talk about some techniques of Pending karma with examples.

Pluto: Pluto represents deep transformation and rebirth in the horoscope. Its placement can reveal past life traumas and the potential for profound Pending Karma. For instance, Pluto in the Fourth House (house of home and family) might indicate Pending karma related to your emotional security.

Retrograde Planets: Retrograde planets in the natal chart can signify areas where Pending Karma towards a relative or any relation is still pending. A retrograde planet has many meanings and some of the specific combinations with a retrograde planet can reveal the pending karma for the native. For example, Mercury retrograde might indicate that you have some pending karma towards unresolved communication which is coming from a past life.

Karmic Indicators: Specific signs, degrees, and house placements often work like karmic indicators for Pending Karma. In these indicators, some specific degrees of planets, some specific combinations, etc can be taken.


The Benefits of Addressing Pending Karma

Emotional and Psychological Healing: Understanding and resolving karma can lead to significant emotional and psychological healing. Recognizing the Pending karma of past life allows natives to address deep-seated fears and traumas, promoting overall well-being.

Improved Relationships: Addressing karmic patterns in relationships can lead to healthier and more fulfilling interactions. Understanding the karmic connections between two people fosters compassion and cooperation. You will be able to pay if you know you have to pay for this person in this life.

Resolved Issues: If you know where is the issue you can even be ready or if possible you can do some remedy to reduce the bad effects of your past life karma. It does not mean you will not get results but there are some ways to ask for forgiveness.

Way to Learn About Past Life and Pending Karma

For learners of astrology, we have a course on Past Life Curses and Pending Karma where I will discuss some of the tested traditional techniques which indicates the Pending Karma and Past Life Curses in horoscope. If you want to learn more you can click here.


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