Unfold The Secrets of Past life And Curses From Previous Birth

Secrets of Past life And Curses From Previous Birth

Unfold The Secrets of Past life And Curses From Previous Birth

Course Duration: 10 Classes
Course Timing: Saturday 11 AM
Language: Hindi
Course Validity: One Year

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Course Description

Secrets of Past Life is indeed a captivating subject that cuts across different cultures, spiritual practices and philosophical schools of thought. The idea implies that our present lives are one of the stages in the journey of a soul where life experiences from previous incarnations have great influence on our current situations and future occurrences. Though scientific proof for past lives is still missing and scientists are trying to decode this, this notion of Past Life has been deeply rooted in many people’s hearts due to which they consider it an important tool for understanding the complexities inherent in human existence, origins of our souls and moral consequences of our deeds.

The very essence of past life belief involves karma—the principle that any action taken will have consequences as they reverberate through time. Karma is often seen as a cosmic law that describes cause-effect relation with good deeds leading to good results while bad ones lead to challenges or pain. This cycle is not restricted to one lifetime but extends throughout many incarnations wherein the soul progressively learns from every life experience.

Past lives’ notion implies the idea of a progressing soul. It means that it is believed that souls go through various lives in a long journey with each life being a chance for making progress, learning and completing of unresolved matters/issues. This divine process occurs due to the innermost desire of the soul to attain higher levels of awareness, erudition and spiritual illumination. For this reason, every birth proposes an exclusive experience designed to support the evolution of the soul.

Another interesting aspect as concerns past births mistakes and wrongdoings have consequences in subsequent lives in the form of past life curses. In such cases, these mistakes can manifest themselves in form of unresolved issues or negativities which continue into one’s present existence, affecting behavior, relationships as well as life circumstances. Therefore for instance; someone diagnosed with chronic fears could be issues they are dealing with from their previous births. Still on this note, however; patterns involving conflicts between partners or even recurring suffering might be associated with unsettled karmic debts and errors committed during previous births.

Past life curses is a concept that forms another fascinating dimension of this belief structure. In this sense, a curse can be regarded as a manifestation of intense negative karma acquired due to serious mistakes or harmful acts during a previous birth. Accordingly, such curses shadow through many lifetimes and result in hardships, troubles, or misfortunes that persist from time to time. These past life curses thus serve as powerful reminders for us of the consequences we might face regarding our actions and underline the importance of sincerity and compassion in living lives.

Various spiritual and healing practices are employed to counteract these challenges and negative karma from past lives. Many faiths advocate for rituals, prayers, or kindness toward others as methods for equalizing karmic debt and reducing the effects of previous sins. For example, when one gets engaged in charity work, admits his guilt wholeheartedly and looks for forgiveness then he’s well-cleansing himself from negative karma that would lead him to positivity come future lives.

Moreover, there are varied practices that are used to have an understanding of past lives and their effects on the present such as meditation, introspection and past-life regression therapy. For example, this type of therapy is guided where a person is helped to recall his or her previous incarnations. It helps in revealing unresolved issues and explaining negative patterns that affect today’s personal life. When these issues are confronted and resolved, individuals will feel more peaceful inside themselves plus obtain clarity.

Another key element in the past life narrative is karmic relationships. These relationships are commonly characterized by intense emotions and a strong sense of familiarity often associated with significant lessons. According to the concept of karma, before they descend into matter human souls make agreements or contracts to meet each other in specific ways for mutual growth and healing purposes. These karmic relations can be between family members, romantic partners or close friends; hence they bear both challenges and opportunities for profound personal growth.

To understand and address the effects of past life and karma is to adopt a holistic approach to self-growth and healing, causing an all round change. This is premised on the notion that people are not just victims of fate but participants in lifelong processes of learning and growth. On account of this, we can adjust our present reality by examining our previous mistakes and taking deliberate action towards redressing them thus preparing for a more peaceful future.

In astrology, there are certain combinations mentioned by our ancient Sages that indicate curses from past life relations. These are very interesting steps and combinations provided one can identify these curses astrologically on the native then it is easy to follow some traditional remedies given by the same sages to reduce the effect of such curses in this life.

Join us for this life-changing experience in our unique, online course titled “Unfold The Secrets of Past Life And Curses From Previous Birth”. This complete module targets astrology enthusiasts practitioners and any other person inclined to appreciate how impactful past-life karma and curses have been within their present life. Following guidelines from the ancient Maharishi Parashara and other sages, we unlock the hidden imprints that resulted from our previous births using mystical techniques and offer traditional remedies.

Understanding Past Life Astrology and Its Purpose in Human Life

What is Past Life Astrology?

Past life astrology is a belief system that suggests souls take on many lives, each with its own lessons and experiences. Our souls are affected by these occurrences whose effect remains even in our present life. These influences can be discovered through the natal chart of an individual which represents the positions of the planets as they appeared at his/her time and place of birth.

Past life astrology,Purpose in Human Life

Karmic Patterns Understanding: Natives can perceive the recurring patterns and behaviors that are rooted in their previous lives by examining their natal charts. Such comprehension is helpful to them in analyzing unresolved issues and breaking negative cycles.

Personal Growth and Development: Past life astrology is a directional compass that highlights the personal accomplishments and spiritual growth of an individual. natives may therefore focus on personal development as well as self-improvement by knowing what they need to learn.

Healing and Resolution: Emotional and psychological healing can come when people identify past life traumas and unresolved conflicts. It is worth noting that this knowledge enables persons to release bad vibes thus moving forward with clear minds devoid of any confusion.

Improving Relationships: The karmic connections between people could be revealed through past life astrology thereby helping to clarify the dynamics in current relationships. Realizing these connections helps establish healthier relationships with others aimed at realizing satisfaction among individuals involved.

Resolve Life Challenges: A knowledgeable approach towards current problems can be achieved by giving recognition to the impact of previous lifetimes on such difficulties. With this information, better decision-making processes are enhanced among other things leading to more effective navigation across hurdles in life.

The ultimate aim of the astrology of previous lives is spiritual evolution, it seeks to facilitate spiritual growth. People can progress in their spiritual journey, towards enlightenment and self-realization by learning from and integrating the lessons provided by past lives.

Why This Course is Beneficial for Astrology Learners

Astrology learners will find this course invaluable as it provides deep insights into the less explored areas of past life karma and curses. If one understands these underlying factors, practitioners can offer more complete consultations and treatments to patients. This course builds your astrological knowledge and gives you conventional tools on how to handle deeper problems that ordinary astrology may not solve.

Past Life Insight

Can you think about identifying a curse from a previous life where someone hurt a Brahmana which has caused financial difficulties throughout one’s lifetime in spite of hard work? You might be able to remove this curse by applying some of the remedies taught in this course, thus leading to an improvement in your financial standing.

Consider a scenario where strained family relationships are traced back to a generational curse affecting your lineage. Once this curse is understood and addressed, then there will be harmonious relations within the family.

Course Content:

  • What Exactly is a Curse in Astrology?
  • How Can Curses Impact Someone’s Life?
  • Can Curses Affect a Person’s Lineage or Family Line?
  • Untold Secret of Past Life and Your Dasha
  • The Concept of Bhrigu Pending Karma and Curses.
  • How Can Curses from Ancestors or Family Members Be Remedied?
  • What About The Potential Adverse Effects And Available Remedies For The Curses From The Following:
      • Pitris (Father)
      • Matris (Mother)
      • Brother
      • Maternal Uncle
      • Brahmana/ Priest
      • Wife
      • Pret


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who can enroll in this course?

  • This course is open to all astrology enthusiasts, students, and practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of past life influences and remedies.

Q2: Do I need any prior knowledge of astrology?

  • Basic knowledge of astrology is recommended. The course is designed to be accessible to beginners and advanced learners alike.

Q3: What materials will be provided?

  • Students will receive live classes and recordings of each session for future reference.

Q4: How can I enroll in the course?

  • To enroll, please click on the Enroll Now button and complete the registration process. Spaces are limited to ensure personalized attention, so early registration is encouraged.

Q5: What if I miss a class?

  • Recordings of each class will be made available to all enrolled students, allowing you to catch up at your convenience.

Q6: Will there be any practical assignments?

  • Yes, practical assignments will be given to help you apply the learned techniques and deepen your understanding.



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