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Shatabhisha Astrology has online courses for all levels of jyotisha aspirants and practitioners. Whether you an absolute beginner or an established astrology expert, you can find more to learn and advance your career in astrology.

Know Your Vedic Astrology Guide

Neeraj Verma

An esteemed astrology teacher and a dedicated researcher, Neeraj Verma has spent years delving into the depths of astrological techniques and exploring the profound meanings of Astro sutras. With unwavering passion and relentless curiosity, he has uncovered the timeless wisdom hidden within the teachings of sages from thousands of years ago.

The specialty of Neeraj Verma is to research the best techniques of astrology and establish their authenticity in a modern manner without losing the legendary reputation.

He has gained mastery and expertise, through practice and research, in Vedic Astrology, Dasha, Varshphal, Transit, Tajik Shastra, Prashna Kundli, Horary Astrology, Tajika Prashna.
Learning Vedic astrology through his platform, Shatabhisha Astrology would prove to be an illuminating journey.

Be a Part of Our Free Interactive Community

Every Thursday, at the gurukul of Shatabhisha Astrology, Neeraj Verma ji holds free astrology classes on Youtube. These interactive sessions, aptly called Jyotirchintan, are aimed at discussing myriad topics both practical and mystical from the deep cosmic realm of astrology.


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