Tajik Varshphala Course

Learn Tajika Varshphala and Become a Master to Predict Annual and Monthly Events.

Course Duration: 5 Months
Course Timing: Every Saturday at 8 PM
Language: Hindi
Course Validity: One Year

₹ : 17428/-

Course Description

Neeraj Verma ji has crafted the Tajik Varshphal course with a special focus on astrology enthusiasts seeking precise event timing down to the year and month. This course is tailored to equip learners with the skills to make accurate predictions using the annual horoscope, offering valuable insights into the temporal dimensions of astrological events.

The Sun’s annual journey through the zodiac, revisiting the exact sign, degrees, minutes, and seconds at birth, marks the foundation for predicting events in a person’s life through the Tajik Varshphal. This unique moment gives rise to the casting of the annual horoscope or varshphal, a solar-based chart that holds significant predictive power. Tajik Neelkhanthi Shastra, originating from India and later flourishing in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, serves as the guide for the intricate process of crafting and interpreting the varshphal.

Tajik Varshphal holds the unique capability to forecast events with remarkable precision, offering predictions down to the exact day. This distinctive feature makes this shastra exceptionally accurate in the realm of astrological predictions.

Tajik Shastra, also known as Tajaka or Tajiki Shastra, has not only withstood the test of time but has also found its way into the realm of Prashna Astrology, offering valuable insights into specific queries. This ancient Shastra preserves essential concepts like aspects, yoga, muntha, dashas, and sahams, maintaining their relevance in contemporary astrology. The Persian influence on Tajik Shastra adds an enriching layer to its already profound heritage, highlighting the transcultural journey of these astrological principles.

To grasp the full spectrum of Vedic Varshphal, it is crucial to delve into Tajik Shastra’s nuanced methodologies and principles, enhancing one’s ability to decode the profound predictions embedded within the varshphal chart. This course is a journey into the heart of Tajik astrology, uncovering its soulful tools and providing a holistic understanding of astrological predictions for the year ahead.

Key Highlights of Tajik Varshphal Course:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Tajik Shastra
  • Learn how to analyze annual charts and predictive techniques
  • Discover the significance of various planetary combinations and their effects
  • Explore the interpretation of Muntha and Annual Dasha systems
  • Master the art of predicting major life events and milestones by using the secret technique of Tajik Shastra

What you will learn in Tajik Varshphal Course:

The very interesting thing is that if you master the Varshphala technique the no need to look for any other technique. By mastering this technique only you will be able to time the event to the month.

  • Tajik Varshphala Principles:

Dive into the fundamentals of Tajik Shastra, including the unique concepts and principles that guide the Varshphala system.

  • Calculation and Casting of Tajik Varshphala Charts:

Learn the step-by-step process of calculating and casting Tajik Varshphala charts for accurate predictions.

  • Interpretation of Tajik Varshphala Charts:

Master the art of analyzing Tajik Varshphala charts and deciphering hidden insights about various aspects of Prediction.

  • Predictive Techniques in Tajik Varshphala:

Discover a wide range of predictive techniques specific to Tajik Varshphala and understand how to apply them to gain deeper insights into future events.

  • Significance of Planetary Combinations and Tajika Yogas:

Explore the significance and effects of planetary combinations and yogas in Tajika astrology and their impact on various areas of life.


  1. Introduction to Tajika System & Varshphala
  2. Basic Principles and Core Concepts of Tajika Shastra
  3. Interconnection between Dasha & Varshphala
  4. The doctrine of Muntha in Tajika Astrology
  5. Influence & Consequences of Muntha Placement in Each House
  6. How to do Event Predictions by Using Muntha
  7. Principles & Significant Yogas in Tajik Shastra
  8. Impact of Retrograde Planets on Yogas
  9. Comprehensive Examination of Varsh Kundali/Horoscope
  10. Calculation and Applications of Dasha in Varshphala
  11. Grahabala Analysis in Astrology
  12. Panchadhikari for Specific Year
  13. Varshesh and Its Significance
  14. Utilization of Varshesh in Predictive Astrology
  15. Understanding Saham in Astrology
  16. Uncovering Hidden Secrets of Saham in Horoscope
  17. In-Depth Analysis of Each House in Varsh Kundali
  18. Thorough Examination and Elucidation of Tajik Principles using Live Charts/Horoscopes

To get an idea of this course you can refer to this video. This video is in 2 parts you can watch 1st part here and for the 2nd part, you can go to the Shatabhisha Astrology YouTube channel.

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