Tajik Prashna

Tajika Method of Prashna

Horary Astrology Batch 2023

Course Duration: 5 Months Approx
Course Timing: Recorded Course
Language: English
Course Validity: One Year

₹ : 17500/-

Course Description

Tajika Method of Prashna in Astrology (Horary Astrology) Batch 2023 is a comprehensive course that focuses on the intricate techniques of Tajika Method of Prashna in astrology, specifically horary astrology. Throughout the course, you will delve into the principles and applications of Prashna in astrology, gaining a thorough understanding of how to interpret horary charts and provide accurate predictions.

Key Highlights:

  • Explore the fundamental principles of Tajik Method of Prashna.
  • Dive into the intricacies of horary astrology and its significance.
  • Learn how to interpret and analyze horary charts effectively.
  • Gain insights into different planetary combinations and their effects.
  • Master the art of accurate predictions using Prahna techniques.

What you will learn:

  • Tajika Method of Prashna:
    In this module, you will learn the foundational concepts and techniques of Tajika Method of Prashna, including planetary influences, planetary yogas, and predictive astrology.
  • Horary Astrology:
    Explore the realms of horary astrology and understand its application in predictive astrology. Learn how to cast horary charts and interpret them effectively.
  • Interpretation and Analysis of Horary Charts:
    Gain proficiency in analyzing and interpreting horary charts by studying various planetary combinations, aspects, houses, and their significance.
  • Accurate Predictions:
    Master the art of making precise predictions using Tajik Method of Prashna in horary astrology. Learn how to integrate your knowledge and provide insightful readings.

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