Vedic Astrology course zero to advance

Vedic Astrology Course by Neeraj Verma

Beginner’s to Advance Foundation Course in Vedic Astrology (Batch 2023)

Course Duration: 10 to 12 Months (Ongoing Now)
Course Timing: Every Sunday 11 AM
Language: Hindi
Course Validity: One Year

₹ : 30000/-

Course Description

The Vedic Astrology course is designed by Neeraj Verma ji for individuals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Vedic Astrology, starting from the basics and progressing to advanced concepts of Astrology. Through this course, you will learn the fundamental principles, tools, techniques, and interpretations used in Vedic Astrology. By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundation and be capable of analyzing birth charts, making predictions, and providing guidance based on Vedic Astrology principles.

Course content:

  1. Introduction Of Astrology.
  2. The 12 Houses (Bhavas).
  3. The Grahas (PLANETS).
  4. Exaltation – Debilitation & DigBala.
  5. Combustion and Retrogression.
  6. Planetary Aspects & Associations.
  7. Planetary Friendship & Enemity.
  8. Temporal Enemies & Friends.
  9. Malefics and banefics.
  10. Introduction of The Rashis.
  11. Introduction of The Bhavas.
  12. Karakas in Astrology.
  13. The Nakshatras – Introduction.
  14. Auspicious activities through Nakshatras
  15. Interpretation of the Horoscope.
  16. Placement of Lords of Houses.
  17. Secrets of Bhavat Bhavam.
  18. Badhaka.
  19. Kendradhipatya dosha.
  20. Punch Maha Purush Yogas.
  21. Vipreet Raj Yoga.
  22. Secret of Bhava Chalit.
  23. Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga.
  24. Dispositors Theory.
  25. Static and Dynamic Planetary Yogas.
  26. Transit of Planets (Gochar intro).
  27. Navamsa and Hidden Technique to calculate it.
  28. Rashi tulya Navamsha.
  29. Pushkar Navamsha.
  30. Vargottam Planets.
  31. 64th Navamsha.
  32. Secrets of Mangalik Dosha.
  33. Vimshottari Dasha (Timing of Events).
  34. Introduction of Ashtakvarga.
  35. Introduction of Tajik Varshphala.
  36. Secrets of Zodiac Signs.
  37. Age Activation of Zodiac Signs.
  38. Age Activation of Navamsha Signs.

Teacher: Neeraj Verma 

Note: Every Wednesday we do Q & A sessions so no worry about your astrological query.


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