Transit of Planets in Astrology

Transit In Astrology

The alignment of planets at the moment of birth holds significant importance in Vedic astrology, but life is dynamic, continually evolving as planets journey through the cosmos. Predictions in Vedic astrology rely not only on the placements of planets at the time of birth but also on their ongoing movements and the patterns they are forming in the sky. Therefore, comprehending the dynamics of planetary transits is crucial for interpreting their impact on our lives.

In astrology, the zodiac belt, encompassing the apparent path of all Planets including the Sun and the Moon as observed from Earth, serves as the backdrop for planetary movements. This belt, divided into 12 equal segments known as zodiac signs, guides the trajectory of planets as they traverse through different constellations. When a planet moves from one sign to another, it signifies a planetary transit.

Ancient Vedic astrology offers various methodologies to analyze the effects of these transits and devise remedies to alleviate any adverse influences they may bring. Here we will not talk about remedies because in my view science of remedies is not very simple and static. Transits symbolize transformation, often heralding significant shifts in life’s circumstances. The outcome of transit—whether it is positive or negative—is contingent upon factors such as the sign and house into which the planet transits and the presence of any afflictions.

The impact of planetary transits manifests at different parts of life, dictated by the varying speeds at which planets traverse the zodiac. While the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days, Saturn, a slower-moving planet, remains in a sign for approximately 2.5 years. Transit, in auspicious signs and houses devoid of malefic influences, yields favorable outcomes. Conversely, afflictions during transits can precipitate challenges. Their transitions hold considerable astrological significance given the prolonged duration that planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu spend in a single sign.

Understanding planetary Transits enables natives to deal with the ups and downs of life with insight and foresight, enabling them to harness the universe’s energy for personal growth and fulfillment of worldly desires.

Planetary Transit is a vast topic to understand and it takes time to make you perfect. But, once you are perfect in this science, not you can predict daily events even this science enables you to predict hourly events. Here, we want to introduce you to our upcoming course which considers huge technical topics of Transit in Astrology, if you are interested in getting the Wisdom of Transit Astrology join this course.


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