Timepiece System of Horary Astrology

Timepiece System of Horary Astrology

Answer The query By looking into Your Clock

Course Duration: Recorded Webinar
Course Timing: Recorded
Language: English
Course Validity: One Year

₹ : 930/-

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Timepiece System of Horary Astrology, which is a branch of Prashna astrology focused on answering specific questions based on the time of the query. Explore the intricacies of this ancient divination technique and learn how to interpret the positions of celestial bodies with your clock only to provide insightful answers.

What you will learn:

  • Learning Outcome 1
    Understand the between your clock and the planets.
  • Learning Outcome 2
    Learn how to address planets for the different queries.
  • Learning Outcome 3
    Explore the role of your clock in Horary Astrology interpretations
  • Learning Outcome 4
    Develop techniques to accurately interpret Timepiece System positions
  • Learning Outcome 5
    Apply the Timepiece System to answer specific questions and provide insightful predictions

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