Marriage in Astrology 4 day's workshop

Marriage in Astrology

Unlock the secrets of Marriage in Astrology and predict relationship outcomes – 4 Day’s Workshop

Course Duration: 4 Days recorded webinar
Course Timing: Recorded Session
Language: Hindi
Course Validity: One Year

₹ : 3999/-

Course Description

This 4-day workshop on Marriage in Astrology is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how astrology can be used to gain insights into marriage and relationships. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants will learn how to analyze birth charts, identify potential marriage indicators, interpret planetary positions, and predict relationship outcomes.

Key Highlights:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Marriage Astrology
  • Learn to analyze birth charts and identify Marriage indicators
  • Interpret planetary positions and their impact on Relationships
  • Develop skills to predict relationship outcomes
  • Engage in interactive sessions and practical exercises

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Marriage Astrology
    Learn the fundamentals and key concepts of Marriage Astrology
  • Analyzing Birth Charts
    Master the art of analyzing birth charts to identify potential Marriage indicators
  • Interpreting Planetary Positions
    Discover how planetary positions influence Relationships and Marriage
  • Predicting Relationship Outcomes
    Develop the skills to predict relationship outcomes based on astrological insights and Timing of Marriage.


  1. House Sign and Planets for Marriage.
  2. Venus in all Signs and Houses.
  3. Venus in Conjunctions.
  4. Combinations for happy Married life.
  5. More than one Marriage or Affairs.
  6. Delayed Marriage or denial of Marriage.
  7. How’s the Marriage life.
  8. Luck after Marriage.
  9. Matrimonial happiness.
  10. love Marriage.
  11. Inter-caste Marriages.
  12. Fondness for wife/devoted to husband.
  13. Divorce and separation.
  14. Physical abuse.
  15. Widowhood or separation in Female horoscope.
  16. Separation in family.
  17. D30 and your partner personality.
  18. Timing of Marriage.
  19. Complexion of Partner (wife).
  20. Some added rules for female horoscope.
  21. Happiness in The Marriage Through Prashna kundali.
  22. Practical chart analysis.

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