Lords of 2nd and 11th House – Value Enhancement Planets

Lord of 2nd and 11th house - Value enhancement Planet

The lords of the 2nd and 11th houses are the value-enhancement planets that not only hold significance beyond just indicating wealth but their potency signifies the abundance of riches. Moreover, these planetary influences hold the power to elevate the worth and value of anything they touch within the horoscope. Their association or influence on a planet or house can greatly enhance its impact and contribute to its overall significance.

धनेश लाभेश समन्विते वा क्षेत्रे तदीशे प्यथ कारके वा

वैशेषिकांशे शुभ दृष्टि युक्त बहु अर्थं रूपं गृहमाहुर्रायाः


If the rulers of the 2nd and 11th houses are linked with the 4th house, along with the ruler or significator of the 4th house (like Mars representing property), and these connections occur in a specific astrological division known as vaisheshik amsha while receiving positive influences from benefic planets, it indicates that the individual possesses a highly valuable property or house. The Lords of the 2nd and 11th houses, associated with ‘Finance’ and ‘Gains’ respectively, play a significant role in attributing this value.

Certainly! For individuals with Aquarius as their ascendant, the presence of Jupiter as the significator of finance holds immense significance. Jupiter governs both the 2nd and 11th houses of finance, representing value in triplicate. If Jupiter is robust in such cases, and it casts its positive influence on a specific house or the significator of an object, that object’s value significantly escalates.

In Leo’s birth charts, Mercury takes charge of both the 2nd and 11th houses, similar to Jupiter’s role in representing value. When Mercury and Jupiter exert a combined influence in Leo charts, their ability to enhance value is notably amplified. This joint impact intensifies their capacity to elevate the worth of various aspects within the individual’s life or belongings.

Now, If these planets can enhance the positive things then when they are afflicted in the chart or when they are connected to bad houses then they should enhance that bad effects in chart.

Let’s check in example

lords of the 2nd and 11th houses - value-enhancement planets

Take a glance at Indira Gandhi’s horoscope. Here, the Sun governs the second house, while Venus oversees the eleventh house. According to the principle, both these planets augment the specific house or factor they are associated with in the horoscope.

Venus sits alongside Rahu in the 6th house, whereas the Sun resides with Mercury in the fifth house, also known as the House of Position. Additionally, there’s a mutual exchange of signs between Venus and Jupiter, positioned between the 6th and 11th houses. The presence of the 11th house ruler in the 6th house signifies leveraging obstacles and confrontation to achieve personal desires, while Rahu’s presence signifies involvement in politics or diplomacy.

The Sun, positioned in Scorpio within the fifth house, symbolizes abrupt events and mortality. because Scorpio is the significator of abrupt events and mortality. Its company with Mercury, the ruler of the 12th and 3rd houses (8th from 8th), implicates an association with death.

Being the symbol of government and authority, the Sun is also the depositor of Mars, associated with weapons. Mars governs the fifth and tenth houses, representing power and status, reflecting the dominating power she holds.

While these planets played a role in her ascent and preservation of power, they also link to negative aspects of the chart, such as the 6th, 3rd, and 12th houses. The 6th house embodies unexpected occurrences of obstacles, and the Sun’s presence in the 8th sign, connoting death, hints at mortality. Saturn, the lord of the 8th house, resides in the Ascendant. Indira Gandhi’s demise on October 31, 1984, coincided with Saturn’s dasha and Rahu’s Antar and Pratyantar dashas, while Venus was in the sukshama dasha. This subtle interplay of energies demonstrates how they can manifest and influence events.

Likewise, you can apply this technique to other horoscopes for testing purposes. We anticipate that you’ll explore and test this technique, and kindly share your experiences with us in the comments section.

Please note: The outcomes in a horoscope might exhibit contradictory indications due to various yogas conflicting with each other. Take care to thoroughly analyze the entire horoscope to derive the anticipated results.

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